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Interview with Joy of Impermanence Community

Joy Of Impermanence is a community of Auroville that was created during the Design Phase of the 1 month Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course that took place in Auroville, throughout December and January. The course was organised by the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education.

Joy Of Impermanence has a Core Team of 7 people, all from very different backgrounds and having a previous experience in community life. A motto they resonate strongly with is “be the change you want to see in the world”, and this is why they have gathered and created this community within Auroville.

Theyr 5 founding Principles are:

1. Impermanence- We will embody the spiritual form of Impermanence, which means that after 5 years of creating a community, we will leave it and move on to another project, thus creating a material detachment. The project may be followed up by a different group of people or used for a different purpose once we complete our 5 year commitment.

2. Self Sufficiency- We will try to be as self sustainable as possible on the ecological, financial, energy and material aspects. We will grow our own food, use local resources, and explore experimental low – cost housing through various building techniques.

3. Collective Intelligence – We will implement and apply collective intelligence tools and methodologies shared to us by experts in the field and thus create a true sense of community and Collective Intelligence.

4. Do it Yourself – We will live by this philosophy, meaning that we will do everything ourselves without depending on exterior labour force.

5. Sustainability – We will experiment with closed loop eco systems and be as sustainable as possible on every aspect of our research and development.