Photographer:Gayathry | Interview with Mr. Bishwajit Photographer:Stephen | Biswajit and Gayathry (Visitors at Auroville)
24 Feb / 2016Program by:

It is a big step for Auroville

During the International Zone General Meeting, I have come across two visitors from Department of Politics and International Studies, Pondicherry Central University at Unity Pavilion on 22nd February 2016.

Mr. Bishwajit and Ms. Gayathry are pursuing their Masters in Politics and International Relations at the University and have attend the conference to get some exposure of the various cultures and talks held at the international meeting.

In a short interview with Mr. Bishwajit, he has expressed his views on the International Zone being built in Auroville. He said that ” Its really a big step for Auroville” in creating such an unique idea of bringing the world cultures at a glance. This would not only enable experience the cultures of the world by the people at Auroville but also the people residing in Pondicherry and other parts of India.
This creates an environment of learning international affairs and spirit of One Community which the Mother has idealized for the sustainable development of the world.

He later added that these Pavilions are an innovative thought, where foundations been laid by the Mother now being developed by the Aurovillians.