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Japanese Play Kanehira

An evening of celebration of students’ achievements from Pondicherry University.
24th March, Bharat Nivas

A performance of Acro (acrobatic) Yoga by international touring artists – Gisela Mancha Loro and Eduard Torres Torruella

KANEHIRA, a Japanese (Noh) play performed in Tamil
Directed by: Velu Saravanan
Performed by: the students from the Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University. This performance is a final part of the annual celebration of learning Classical Bhakti Poetry.

Kanehira is a challenging play about Heian period warlord Kiso Yoshinaka and his retainer Imai Kanehira. Noh plays based on stories of warriors defeated in battle are known as “Makeshuramono.” This category is unique to Noh, which characteristically mourns the dead.