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29 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: JesseLanguage: English

Jeese explains RAD on Master(Vaster)Plan and Highway

Jesse, a member of RAS talks in short interview over the phone about Rads which we will tackle this, and next week – one one Master Plan & Highway, and the other on selection of interim members of working groups, especially the L’Avenir/TDC.
We were focusing a bit more on the RAD on Master Plan, starting today, and will be going on until 12th of November. Voting online has started, and Jesse talks on history behind, where when the National Highway 6 lanes was proposed has stirred a proactive actions of the community. Francois Gaultier suggested GM with introducing Vaster Plan, broadening the existing Master Plan to create a wider, beautiful and harmonious coexistence of Auroville and its bioregion on ideals of Auroville with its ecological, humanitarian collaborations; at the same time trying to preserve the existing space, aiming to happier, healthier, human (an non humane with all its beings) space.