Photographer:Anisha | Bruce Lee Mani singer, song writer and guitarist Photographer:Christabel | Thermal and a Quarter, the Bangalore Band Photographer:Anisha | Leslie Charles, bass guitarist and backing vocals Photographer:Anisha | Tony Das, guitarist Photographer:Anisha | Bruce Lee Mani singer and guitair Photographer:Anisha | Bruce Lee Mani singer and Rajeev Rajagopal, drummer Photographer:Anisha | Rajeev Rajagopal, drummer
28 Aug / 2018Program by:

Kalabhumi Goes Live – Thermal and A Quarter, Indian rock band

Featuring the performance of Thermal and a Quarter, the popular Bangalore rock band with roots in blues, funk, jazz, progressive and soul, The Kalabhumi Goes Live First Year Anniversary Music Fair was pleasing and moving for a full audience.

As the band took the stage during this night of a full moon, everyone anticipated a great set of songs by this talented 4 man band and the crowd was thrilled with their music until the rain began to fall. The band, the sound technicians and all the equipment left the scene for shelter.

Despite the only 3 song set that the weather allowed, the event as a whole was a fine success and the audience’s sampling of Thermal and a Quarter’s polished talent will serve to keep up interest in the band’s eclectic rock music.