Photographer:web | Wasis Diop feat Grace - Let it go Photographer:web | Mariposa (En Havana)-Si Se Photographer:web | Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl Photographer:web | Kiko Navarro - Sonando Contigo Photographer:web | Hird - I Love You My Hope Photographer:web | Frederico Aubele- Esta Noche Photographer:web | Ananda Project Bahia  - Kyoto Jazz Massive

Latino Lounge

Today’s musical podcast is all about Latino music with lounge and jazz mixes

Karen Ramirez – Troubled Girl
Kiko Navarro – Sonando Contigo
Si-Se- Mariposa (en Havana)
Sidestepper- Dame Tu Querer
Hird – I Love You My Hope
Deepak Chopra – In Love Wth You ( feat Adriana Castelazo
Luxury Grooves – Martini On Ice
DJ Boost – Sa Trincha Feeling
Wasis Diop feat Grace – Let It Go
Dj Pippi featuring Ann West – On This Island
Groove Lovers – Sunset Dream
Ananda Project – Bahia (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
Frederico Aubele- Esta Noche
Roberto Poveda- Sueno mama
Liuz de Aquino – Caminhos de Cuba