Photographer:Zoya | bhrmanis from Mumbai performing pooja for the beginning Photographer:Zoya | preparations on pooja Photographer:Zoya | lightning the oil lamp Photographer:Zoya | paying respect to holly men Photographer:Zoya | hosts praying Photographer:Zoya | holly men in ritual of fire in pooja Photographer:Zoya | aurovilian children in prayer
12 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: ShivaLanguage: Hindi

Lively Up Your Earth – Pooja with Shiva

For the beginning of eco-music festival Lively Up Your Earth, bhramins from Mumbai performed pooja, or offering to the Divine, Mother Earth, of which its main focus was on peace on our planet.

While pooja was in progress,  the sunny Saturday at Solitude farm with people preparing stalls with many good, vegan and organic food for the visitors along with different spaces for activities which will teach or show certain aspect of our life; children joyfully running around, finding their favorites spots to either create something , eat or just play with friends.