Photographer:Theodora | Kalsang Photographer:Theodora | Kalsang Photographer:Theodora | Lunch Buffet For Fund Raiaisng on Sunday 20th at Tibetan Pavilion
16 Sep / 2015Program by:
Featured: KalsangLanguage: English

Lots of LOVE

In an short interview with Kalsang – although it is her  birthday today, that was  not the reason for her visit at the radio – with talked about many things, from her life story, to work at International Zone, and her invitation to a Lunch Buffet For Fund Raising this Sunday 20th at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone. As Kalsang with gratitude and joy on her face says in between – small or big, one drop can make an ocean ….
From Sunday onward at the pavilion they will be keeping “Lakhar” or White Wednesday, a day which is celebrate for past three years to remember the roots, and support all those Tibetans who are suffering. At Pavilion of Tibetan Culture they would from next week on celebrate it with screening a movie or documentary, followed by light, vegetarian dinner, of which proceeding will be for Kalsang and her family home.