Photographer:Maryliz | Lotte turns to accept applause Photographer:Maryliz | Lotte begins the Bill Evans piece written for the left hand Photographer:Maryliz | Jacky, Lotte's husband, waiting to announce while Lotte plays Photographer:Maryliz | Lotte at the piano after her performance Photographer:Maryliz | Lasse, Lotte's son, Cecilia, her daughter-in-law and Lotte at the end of the evening Photographer:Maryliz | Lotte in India
07 Jan / 2019Program by:

Lotte van den Dikkenberg Delights Playing Eclectic Piano Pieces

On Saturday, 5 January at 7:30 PM at CRIPA, Lotte van den Dikkenberg and her friendly audience continued celebrating the new year enjoying an intimate piano performance of music by some of Lotte’s favorite composers.

Lotte says her yoga is playing piano. Now that her children are grown and her De Klop fashion at Slotlaan in Zeist, a third generation Scandinavian design shop, is running smoothly, she is immersed in music. Lotte and her husband, Jacky, are here visiting their Aurovilian family living in Gaia Community.

Lotte enchanted us with a variety of traveling, envisioning and new year thematic sounds from some of her dearest 20th and 21st century inventive composers. The audience celebrated Lotte’s improvisations played so naturally and happily by a true jazz aficionado.

Lotte’s Playlist:

Karen Tanaka – Japanese composer born April 7, 1961
Child of Light (1999) and Blue Light
Sea Turtle with improvisations

A. Skriabin – Russian composer 1872-1915
(written in a train station at 15 years of age)
Etude opus 2 no 1 (1887)

Robert Starer – Austrian-born American composer 1924-2001
Sketches in Color (1964)
Purple, Shades of Blue, Black and White, Bright Orange, Pink and improvisations

Hendrik van Oordt – contemporary Dutch composer, artist collaborator and friend
Homesick Alien
Ushering in the New Year

Rene Kluiving – contemporary Dutch composer, pianist, teacher and friend from Amsterdam
The Longing for the Sunday
New Year’s Eve at Home
Embrace of the New Year

Jan Johansson – Swedish jazz pianist 1931 – 1968
Visa from Utanmyra
Emigrant Visa

Bill Evans – American jazz pianist and composer 1929 – 1980
(a left hand composition allowing the right hand to improvise)
Peace Piece (1958)

Bud Powell – American jazz pianist 1924 –1966
Buddy’s End of the Year (1959)