Photographer:Gea | Priya Photographer:Gea | synchrony of Priya's and Pala's creativity Photographer:Gea | shores of volcanic island Jeju-do  in Korea Photographer:Gea | Landsacpe from Japan Photographer:Giorgio | white lotuses upgrading fragility of ceramic pieces Photographer:Gea | Amazonian masks
09 Oct / 2014Program by:

Love of Life Through Clay

Yesterday’s inauguration of Priya’s Sundaravalli Ceramics II at Citadines Centre d’Arts put on a display opus of organic forms, and stories of our home planet Earth. Priya, doctor of medicine and engineer, found her connection to creativity in media of clay. Apachi potter Felipe Ortega introduced her into household pottery while gave her a love, respect to the Mother Earth. Priya’s search and personal transformation went further after joining Auroville. After realizing that nothing can be static here around, and after her service as a teacher, dedicated herself deeper into a creative process in clay. Special boost in her work was visit to Korean potters where she met post modern world of Korean ceramic which gave her freedom that almost anything is possible. Yet most of her work possesses graceful ethereal quality of eternal Divine.