Photographer:Andrea | Shakti & Vera. Photographer:Andrea | Victoria, Shakti & Vera on stage. Photographer:Andrea. | Playing the xylophone. Photographer:Andrea | Violins and flute Photographer:Andrea | Krishna, the head of the festival. Photographer:Andrea | In Solitude farm the water needed is provided by a windmill. Very eco and sustainable

LUYE 2013 – Ukrainian Folk

In past year we finally had a chance to hear some of the Slavic folk songs through engagement of Shakti and Vera…Lively Up Your Earth 20123 – eco music festival also gave us the opportunity to listen to some of the Ukrainian folk songs, sung by Shakti and Vera, accompanied by guitars, violin and xylophone. Simple, but sweet and soft , melodic songs about nature, love, life have created special atmosphere on the stage at Solitude Farm