Photographer:Gino | MAHALAKSHMI (Senior Housing) under construction. Front view Photographer:Gino | Some residents of Auroville came to look at the site today Photographer:Gino | Dorotheee showing the kitchen area of each apartment Photographer:Gino | Dorothee showing the bedroom window Photographer:Gino | Dporothee showing the cross ventilation system Photographer:Gino | Behind Dorothee is were the lift (elevator) will be Photographer:Gino | There will be easy access to wheelchairs
15 Aug / 2018Program by:

MAHALAKSHMI (Senior Housing)

Today the first apartment of Mahalakshmi was ready to be shown to the public.
Mahalakshmi housing complex aims at accommodating senior adults, especially those whom need a bit of help and care.
The idea is to provide an environment where the elderly will not feel isolated and confined indoors. This housing project is central, it has a lift, and offers easy mobility for people on wheelchair. It also comprises of common spaces such as a canteen, a large living room (in addition to private kitchens and living rooms in each room), a meditation space and more.


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  • Chris

    Do you neet nurses to help the elderly ?
    I visit Auroville in October for the first time.
    Best wishes
    Chris from Bern