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04 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: Amshan KumarLanguage: English

"Manusangada (Cry Humanity)", a brief session with the director Amshan Kumar

On December 3rd we saw a Tamil film screened by Cinema Paradiso.
Based on a true incident, in docu-drama style, “Manusangada (Cry Humanity)” by Amshan Kumar stands out with a strong social message and highlights a trend – where Dalit,
who form 16% of the population, are uprising against the century-old atrocities inflicted upon them.
We recorded the brief Q&A session after the screening in the presence of the film director, Amshan Kumar, a national award-winner who has made 20+ documentaries,
several of them are prize-winning. His book on film appreciation ‘Cinema Rasanai’ is a prescribed text in many Indian and Sri Lankan Universities.
He has been active in the film society movement of South India and in the editorial board of the film monthly Salanam. This is his second feature film.