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Metroxical New York Art Movie

On Saturday 18th at 4 pm at Audio Visual Room of Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas Pavillion of India, a collective of artists, Sindhu, Dass, Raghu and Ramesh, presented their movie “Metroxical New York” produced in New York.
This work captured a complex mix of global music using all performing arts, improvised acoustic sets, even hand made instruments, in a place where one can hear music for free: the Subway.
The experience demonstrates how a diverse audience can participate in dialogue without language, using music as universal form of communication.

This art movie offers an alchemy of different sound and color movements, revealing a powerful resonance experienced by a multi-cultural audience and musical prowess from all over the world.
In a space out of a normal regulation, the colorful performers met the audience in a share spirit, enjoying with rare passion their own art, maybe playing for a sole person or involving some passengers to try unknown instruments: the need to be together as an individual part of the whole and then the whole itself. This visual work is a good example of how the art generates other art.