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16 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: KaruneshLanguage: English

Moon Initiations

Karunesh (Hindi: “God of Compassion”; born Bruno Reuter in 1956) is a German-born new-age and ambient musician. His music has strong Indian, African, Australian, Native American/Aboriginal music of Canada, and Middle Eastern influences prevalent throughout with liberal use of Indian instruments such as the sitar along with violin, didgeridoo, bouzuki, Native American flute, Chinese temple flutes, tamboura, bamboo flute, and various world percussion instruments. Kaurnesh is labeled as a musician for World Fusion, New Age Relaxarion and Meditation Music.

“Real Music has been consistent over the years in providing nothing but the best music for relaxation, meditation and spiritual enhancement. Their most notable recordings come from an Eastern Buddhist mindset, with multi-instrumentalist Karunesh leading the pack.” — Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

Today’s musical edition features Karunesh’s album on 13 song of Moon Initiations

Moon Temple
Calling Wisdom
Breathing Silence
Zen Breakfast
Flowing with The Tea
Remembering to Forget( Himalayas)
Layers of Tranquility
Returning to now
Way of the Winding Valley
Follow your heart
Tao & Zen