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Mother's Q And A, 12/12/56, Part 2

The Influences Which Enter Us and Which Form Us And Move Us

Mother teaches us about the influences that enter into us from the outside and where they come from and how they control us. They have been entering us all our lives. They form us and move and control us without our knowing it. If we don’t want this, we have to work to get free from it. There are three categories; collective suggestions, individual suggestions and adverse suggestions. The way to progress beyond being shaped and controlled by influences we don’t want is to have goodwill, sincerity, insight, patience and perseverance. We have to perceive them, reject them and open and surrender to the highest consciousness. We do not have the original tape recording of this class, but the subject is so important that we have included the printed original French version. You can read it in French by clicking on Mother’s Entretiens,1956 .