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Mother's Q and A, 14/11/56, Part 2

How To Control One’s Surroundings – How To Be A Successful Teacher

Mother explains that the only way we can control our surroundings is to develop self control. When we have mastered something in ourselves we can transmit that mastery to other people. If we have not mastered an inner movement, such as anger, we will not succeed in controlling anger in someone else. Without self-mastery all we can do is to speak to them and try to influence them to do what we say. Words are not the real tools for controlling others. We have to start with inner mastery and then transmit the mastered movement of consciousness in peace, calm and quietude, without speech. This is the real way for a teacher to control students in the classroom. Mother also explains what it means to be a successful teacher. She says it is a hard discipline. One must be a saint and a hero and a great yogi to be a good teacher. One must have a perfect attitude to be able to exact a perfect attitude from students.