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Mother's Q And A, 21/11/56

The Bondage Of Reasoning Thought – The Weakness Of Fragmentary Willings

Mother speaks of the necessity of going beyond reason in order to have true knowledge – spiritual knowledge. Reason is the highest function of our ordinary, usual mental processes. We have to live by reason until we are capable of progressing beyond it to have knowledge by identification. She explains that, using reason, we build up an automatically functioning, fixed view of how things work in our lives and we live by that all the time without even realizing it. It is an automatic machinery in our thinking and we don’t realize it controls us. It is hard to get out of. Mother also speaks of having the true Will as opposed to having the fragmentary and passing “willings” that most people use to try to get what they want in life. She also speaks of the necessity for study as a mental gymnastic to make one’s mental activity supple, rich and strong, just as physical gymnastics do the same thing for the physical body. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class.