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29 Oct / 2018Program by:
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Mother's Q And A, 28/11/56

Beyond Conscious to Spiritual – Knowing One Is Conscious – When Effort Is Contrary To Progress – Dangerous To Disregard Reason

Mother explains the five Aphorisms which tell us what we needed to become a conscious being – and which we now need to pass beyond in order to become a spiritual being. Then she explains what to achieve so that one can first say that one is a conscious being. She also describes the state one is in when one has passed beyond ‘enjoyings’. After that she explains why effort is often contrary to progress. Then she speaks about the dangers of disregarding reason – our faculty of discernment – before we are ready. She also shows how we deceive ourselves by justifying our own actions with our reason – quite another definition of the word ‘reason’. This week we have the original tape recording of Mother’s class.