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Mother's Q And A – 5/12/56

Intuition – Soul Strength – Ecstasy – Universality – Conscious Physical Control

Mother speaks about Causeless Ecstasy – it is when we have the source of joy within us – because we are in full communion with the Divine. Then she speaks of being able to consciously control our physical functions – like the need for sleep or food – instead of being controlled by them. She explains what a universal person is. She gives the characteristic feature. It is feeling that one is intimately united and identified with all others. She points out that not only do we have to realize a universal consciousness, we also have to unify all the parts of our being around our divine center, our psychic being in order to be able to infuse them with the new consciousness. Then she explains that when reason is transformed into the essence of intuition, which is a light that is higher than the light of the mind, then the spirit of intuition enters into us in an orderly and organized way, in accordance with a methodical system.