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Mother’s Q & A, March 20 & 27, 1957


Sri Aurobindo writes that God has made the world a field of battle; a great wrestle and struggle for real perfection. Mother tells us that nothing is more dangerous than wanting to rest, and never to stop on the way because the minute one stops going forward, one falls back.

Sri Aurobindo writes that God hammers, tramples and kneads his world and casts it into the blood bath and the red hell-heat of the furnace because humanity is a hard, crude and vile ore which is not easily smelted and shaped. Mother tells us that something has happened which allows hope that a selection of humanity is ready to be transformed into pure gold. She says that in 1957, the time of this class, they are at a decisive turning in world history, and that people should face the furnace of inner purification so the world will not have to go through another terrible destruction.

This broadcast traces the history of the remarkable similarities between 1957 and today, when all over the world people are saying the world has reached a decisive turning, and people everywhere are going within to work on themselves.

This broadcast has Mother’s 1929 talk; Victory Over Falsehood, and the recording of Mother’s English reading of reading of Sri Aurobindo’s essay; The Hour Of God. It will play before the original tape recording of Mother’s classes in French.

If you have any questions, please email them to us here at the Radio, and e will find the answers for you in Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s books.