Photographer:Renu | The new Composting Toilet with Mud walls Photographer:Renu | The work site and crew Photographer:Renu | Ofa and Nathasha Photographer:Renu | Mixing mud and coconut fibre Photographer:Renu | The new school building Photographer:Renu | The new building Photographer:Renu | Refreshments and Tea stand
30 Jun / 2015Program by:
Featured: TLC volunteersLanguage: English

Mud Walls at TLC

The Learning Community’s base camp is located on the road to Dana opposite Transition School, it is a hands-on do-it-yourself adventure school. A recent announcement invites “All those enjoying getting muddy hands are most welcome to join us. Just drop in for an hour, a day, or for all three days!” TLC has been busy building the campus and the mud walling event is for the new composting toilet walls made of mud, bamboo, glass bottles and other materials. Auroville Radio tries to share the atmosphere and friendly enthusiasm that physical collective work often brings.
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Music: The Hit Parade, Song: In my Soul


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