Photographer:Adishakti | Nangiar Koothu performance by Smt. Usha Photographer:Adishakti | Smt. Usha's coordination with the beats by Sri. Hariharan, Sri. K. Rajeev, Sri. Kalanilayam and Kum. Gayathri Photographer:Adishakti | Majestic moves by Smt. Usha Photographer:Adishakti | Smt. Usha's tempo with drums Photographer:Adishakti | Smt. Usha Nangiar
16 Mar / 2016Program by:

Nangiar Koothu by Smt. Usha

Akrura’s Journey – Nangiar Koothu performance was held at Adishakti here at Auroville, Tamil Nadu. The evening of Monday was blossomed by the performance of Smt. Usha and her crew. The tempo of the drum beats and the cymbal mixed with the amusing moves of Smt. Usha put the eyes and ears of the audience constant at the performance.

Koothu is a stage performance and a famous form of orating old Indian epics. The Nangiar Koothu is a mime and the idea in the basic script is conveyed through an elaborate theme of intricate hand gestures. Every moment, of the hands, feet, eyes and facial muscles is controlled and is based on the science of stage acting.

This performance was on an Indian epic of Akrura’s journey back to Vrindavanam after getting lost in the course unaware of journey. He finds Krishna’s footprints at various places and finds it very sacred and feels happy as they helped him reach back safe.

If Usha Nangiyar is performing , if VKK Hariharan is performing .. its worth traveling the distance… we had enjoyed to drums and the magical dance to the fullest ” – A visitor at Adishakti