Photographer:Maria | Per Edith Piaf, by Nathalie Mentha Photographer:Maria | Nathalie Mentha performs Per Edith Piaf Photographer:Maria | Nathalie Mentha sings Edith Piaf's songs Photographer:Maria | Per Edith Piaf, Nathalie Mentha in action in different roles Photographer:Maria | Nathalie Mentha performs up on the scenography Photographer:Maria | One of the different roles performed by Nathalie Mentha Photographer:Maria | One of the last scenes of Per Edith Piaf, by Nathalie Mentha

Nathalie Mentha in Per Edith Piaf

On 13th at CRIPA Nathalie Mentha performes Per Edith Piaf, with the direction and the technical assistance by Pino Di Buduo, from Teatro Potlach in Italy.
This performance is a musical journey in France of the 1930s and 1950s through Edith Piaf’s songs – stories of lives in the underworld of the French gangsters, stories of women in love, stories of passion, of dreams, of memories.
The theme, the soul which ties all the stories together, and maybe even more Edith Piaf’s own soul, seems to be: Whatever happens, don’t ever stop believing in love.

This is a tale which starts in 1939, a crucial historical moment throughout Europe. It is the period of Jaques Prevert’s poetry, Cartier-Bresson’s photography, of Jean Cocteau’s theater tales, of the coming of the Second World War which will destroy so many families, of the songs from Charlie Chaplin’s films, of the images and characters of De Sica’s film Roma Citta’ Aperta, of the French Resistance, of the struggle for life and for love. The performance as a part of Tantidhatri International International Women’s Arts Festival. – –