Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | L-R: Mishko, Krishna, Hanne, Mahesh and Suresh Photographer:Bodhi Art House | Hanne, a Danish singer, singing the Nordic hymns Photographer:Bodhi Art House | Mahesh, from Chennai, bringing the Carnatic tradition on stage Photographer:Bodhi Art House | The performers taking a bow after an encore
19 Mar / 2015Program by:
Featured: Mishko M'BaLanguage: Music

Nordic Hymns & Carnatic Tradition

Solitude farm cafe hosted an one of a kind evening where Nordic Chants met Carnatic Swaram. Singers Hanne, from Denmark, and Mahesh, from Chennai, met fortuitously during a musical encounter and discovered the symbiosis of Nordic folk music and Carnatic swaram. Together, Hanne and Mahesh, with Mishko on bass, Krishna on Guitar and Suresh on percussion weaved magic. Later in the evening the quartet improvised and encouraged audience participation in the performance.

Along with soulful music the evening had sumptuous dinner and drinks prepared at the solitude farm cafe from the produce of the Solitude Farm.