|  Study for water bodies in Auroville |
30 Jan / 2015Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff-14

Andrea, Renu and Wazo share: news of the radio studio, some on going events in Auroville and Renu continues plowing in the field of Auroville’s raison d’etre after observing increasing road side litter, and events that Auroville hosts- she wants to know more about what experiences the Auroville people may live or have. Wazo and Andrea consider Auroville a University of experimentation and discovery. The issue of Sludge waste and why we should be engaged responsible in finding workable solutions and the disharmony of groups.


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  • hello,
    Ma mère aimerait reprendre contact avec Wazo.
    nous étions à Auroville, elle et moi, en 1984-1985, et j’ai moi meme joué dans la pièce avec Croquette, le sycomore.
    comment le retrouver…
    merci de votre aide

    leonor chapalain