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26 Dec / 2014Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

Remembering the Tsunami on this day 10 years later.
The trio discuss the spontaneous response to the disaster by Auroville, that achieved effective relief without any so called “organization” and the generosity of the worlds response.
Renu shares a request to the early Aurovilians to share archival images for the larger global Auroville family via facebook at the id Old timers of Auroville (or send them to her to post).
Renu thanks Francois Bocquet who introduced the Mother to pop music and who lived in Far Beach (now Sri Ma) see (l’Agenda de Mere 16 Avril 1969)- Wazo embraces his evil persona and shares his health remedies.