Photographer:Karthick | Zoe singing and playing guitar Photographer:Zoe | Paul, Smahel and Xahir Photographer:Zoe | Joshua collaborating with unidentified talent Photographer:Zoe | Susan serenading the audience with just her voice Photographer:Zoe | Unidentified talent, Krishna, Smahel and Paul jamming together Photographer:Zoe | Audience members dancing to unidentified talent Photographer:Zoe | Ending the night with Myan
19 Dec / 2017Program by:
Featured: KrishnaLanguage: English

Open Mic Night at Solitude Farm

On Saturday the 16th of December, Solitude Farm hosted an Open Mic Night.
Various talents gathered to perform songs and collaborate with one another whilst the audience listened on and ate delicious food that was grown on site.

A condensed audio has been compiled, show casing artists from the end of the night. Clips were chosen according by the clearest recording quality.

Sincere apologies to the talented artists whose names we didn’t have the chance to ask.