Photographer:Avdhi | Romel with Aurovillians enjoying a nice bamboo meal at the Bamboo Cafe Photographer:Avdhi | Bamboo-based clothing on sale for World Bamboo Day Photographer:Avdhi | A ship forged from only bamboo, kept on display Photographer:Avdhi | Showcasing the strong building ability of bamboo with a treehouse Photographer:Avdhi | Learning just how easy it is to build with bamboo in the workshop Photographer:Avdhi | A hearty welcome for all Aurovillians to the World Bamboo Day celebration Photographer:Avdhi | Testing out the strength of the bamboo treehouse
19 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: AurovilliansLanguage: English

Opinions to Change the Future from World Bamboo Day 2018

The Auroville Bamboo Center set up a new project headed by Mr. Romel and Mr. Balu on World Bamboo Day 2018. The day was filled with fun games and workshops. On this occasion, AurovilleRadio took the opportunity to get to know the opinions of the people on what they believe makes bamboo such a special product and how it can be integral to not only changing the Auroville landscape, but also that of the world.

The experience not only led to a fun day for many Aurovillians and visitors, but also proved to be a showcase for all the different uses of bamboo. From bamboo soaps, to housing, to even clothing and food, bamboo was king on this day and gave everyone an insight into what the future could be like, if only bamboo is given a chance to shine on a global platform.