Photographer:Andrea | The performers taking the applauses from the audience Photographer:Andrea | Part of the the first piece was performed walking in thr room Photographer:Andrea | During the concert Photographer:Andrea | Moments before the event started Photographer:Andrea | Right: Nathalie Houtman Photographer:Andrea | Playing flutes Photographer:Andrea | Dominic Goodall playing the viola da gamba
15 Mar / 2019Program by:

“Ostinato” With Nathalie Houtman in Pitanga

The Pondichery Recorder Quartet and the Duo Laterna Magica had the pleasure to let you discover different sorts of ostinato: the Chaconne, the Passacaille, the Bergamasca and more.

Pieces by Purcell, Falconieri, Uccellini, J.S. Bach, Murugesan D., Premkumar S., Moïse Irudayaraj A., Mathiarasan S., Laura Pok, Nathalie Houtman (recorders) Dominic Goodall (viola da gamba, traverso).

The event was hosted in the Pitanga Cultural Centre, Samasti, Auroville, TN 605101, India. (0413) 2622403/2622994