Photographer:Karthik | From left to right: Suresh on drums, Dhani on bass, Eddie on trumpet Photographer:Karthik | From left to right: Eddie on trumpet, Dhani on bass, Suresh on drums Photographer:Karthik | Perfect combination of talented musicians creating a magic atmosphere Photographer:Karthik | The trio after the performance

Outstanding performance of fine 'hard bop fusion Jazz' at Cripa, Kalabumi.

The band was meant to play as a quartet, but after a recent terrible motorbike accident, in which the keyboard player Yurri badly injured his right hand, the band had to decide whether to cancel the concert or go ahead and play as a trio.
Luckily they decided to play because it was an excellent performance.
Tonight they had to play without an essential harmony instrument (the keyboard), and normally one would expect a trio – made up of a trumpet, a bass and a drum – to give a technically good but also heavy performance. Astonishingly the trio colored the music hall with creative, imaginative and unrestrained execution.
Soon after the concert I went to congratulate with the musicians and asked them a few simple questions.