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16 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Keivyn GravesLanguage: English

Perseverance of Keivyn Graves

We were hosting in our studio a special guest – Keivyn Graves, an artist in many ways – vocalist, fine artist, actor, explorer, and the word was about his arts, his life path, his explorations, traveling, and more.
Since Keivyn was born in New York, birth place of hip hop, it was inevitable that he experienced growing up, as he says – in the intoxicating influence of hip hop, drawing him like a moth to a flame. That lead his exploration in music, which he labeled it hip hop and rap.
On the other side, his passion and determination lies as well in fine art, whereby he is exploring different medias, and he was hugely inspired by pop-art artists, although his pieces are currently mostly abstract.
As a child he spent his leisure time in acting, as he was surrounded by the entertainment industry, and he talks shortly about the downfall of acting in the child star industry.
Auroville thrilled him with the omnipresence of energy which enhances creativity, while searching for his inner peace; he found here tranquility and calmness.

In the next few days his music will be featured in a musical edition in our studio, so stay tuned in!
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Keivyn favorite quote in fine arts “Honor Thy mistake as a hidden intention.”