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26 May / 2014Program by:

Pondyville Aurocherry

Finally out now: Issue # 8 of art & culture magazine calledMagzAV. The topic this time: Pondyville/Aurocherry.The printed issues can be picked up at the PTDC. Also be available for sale at the Visitors Centre. If you would like them to post you a few copies, please send an e-mail The magazine is provided for free as printed version within Auroville.
All issues as pdf for free are free todonate. FS # 251282 Or read it online

Once we have awareness, we have a choice. If we could have that awareness all the time, we could change our routines, change our reactions, and change our entire life.

Don Miguel Ruiz
” Let us always do the right thing and we shall be quiet and happy”
The Mother


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