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Prarambh (Beginning)

Indian music has its own distinct, enticing quality. You know it when you hear it. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it has a religious origin. Hinduism is the world’s oldest faith and lays claim to many of the contemplative practices (yoga being the most obvious) which we use in a secular context today. There’s a great deal of overlap between classical Indian music and what could be considered “meditation music” or even a “new age” music.

Ravi Shankar – Prarambh (Beginning)
Craig Pruess – Swagatam – Water Garden
Craig Pruess & Auradha Paudwal- Devi prayer ( from 108 sacred names Divine Mother)
Deva Premal -Om Namo Bhagavate
Christian Tatonetti – Dreamy Sitar
Paul Horn – Raga Kerwani
Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass – Passages – Prashanti
Rag Pahadi – Traditional Indian music
Prem Joshua – Secret Place