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The Legend of the Flute Player

“A long time ago in the Valley of the Great Mountains, there was a small town where lived all the greatest musicians in the land..
From anywhere in the valley, music could be heard day and night as all the musicians played their instruments so that they might be known as the best.
In this town there lived a young boy named Avvaiyar whose only wish was to play beautiful music for everyone. But Avvaiyar did not have an instrument to play ….”

Noel Parent’s book The Legend of the Flute Player, dramatized for the radio by Marion .

In the Footsteps of Devadasi

On Wednesday 7th in Gallery Square Circle was inaugurated interesting exhibition how classical Indian odissi dance was inspired by medieval Orissian temple architecture in Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri. The flow of the exhibition leading us with its transparency from as early as 2nd century BC to contemporary odissi dance. Beautiful photos are accompanied by short but thorough text, and one, amazed over richness of the area would surely like to know more.

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