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Category Archives: History

Poppo on Archeology

Poppo Pingel is a celebrated architect, who came to Auroville in 1968 for the inauguration as the German delegate. In this interview, Pingel talks about his passion for archeology that stayed with him throughout his life, but found an outlet in Auroville. He describes his various findings from his very first excavation attempt to his recent discoveries as well as the challenges that accompanied them. Additionally, he discusses the archeological park he established (which is situated on Crown Road between Solar Kitchen and Visitors Centre) and explains why he chose to create a 'park' instead of a conventional historical site.

Intro Chroniqueuse Gangalakshmi

Une introduction sur la vie de notre chroniqueuse Gangalakshmi et son parcours à Auroville.

Journey Trough Tradition Inquiry

Last night on the occasion of the Kerala Festival, in India Space Manoj gave a presentation of the story of avatars. Through an inquiry of the evolutionary path from the perspective of Sri Aurobindo's teaching.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Sep 2014

AIR 1968 Auroville Inauguration

Listen to an inspiring piece of broadcasting history as Mother announces the inauguration of Auroville live across India on 28 February 1968. The recording was made with Mother sitting in Pondicherry while 5000 founding members of Auroville conducted the inauguration ceremony nearby at the Matrimandir Amphitheater. Thanks to All India Radio, her reading of the original Charter of Auroville in French was broadcast live to the amphitheater, as well as across India, while soil representing 124 nations and 23 Indian states was placed in the ground.

"Auroville wants to be the first realisation of human unity based on the teaching of Sri Aurobindo, where men of all countries would be at home". To learn more about the 1968 inauguration ceremony of Auroville, please visit

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Feb 2013

The Auroville Foundation Act

In September 1988, the Government of India protected Auroville by passing a unique Act of Parliament, the Auroville Foundation Act,1988. Alain Bernard, Frederick, Pashi and Paulette shared the background facts, anecdotes and personal experiences of the circumstances of the times in which Auroville was at stake. Listen to first-hand memories of meeting president Indira Gandhi without prior appointment or to the process of drafting the Act within two days and the actual adaptation of the Act which passed unanimously in both Houses of Parliament.
The CAT session took place in Unity Pavilion on January 31st, 2017.

Grandmother's Legacy

Despite the rain , this Sunday morning Jenny Mallin has visited us in our studio and shared with us some insights on her beginnings of the book - Grandmother's Legacy, which was recently published in England. Jenny herself will present the book in the afternoon at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone from 4pm onward. . The story of the book brought Jenny once more to India where she has planned to travel through five cities where her five grandmothers have been living - Dehli, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pondicherry. Whilst traveling she is presenting the book, and today's presentation will be the only one in the area.
book is an amazing, multifold document of certain era , place with its intimacy of family cooking and eating habits. A legacy which should not be forgotten.

Mr Sanjeev Sanyal

Saturday afternoon saw the MMC packed full. Mr. Bala Baskhar and many others were present to hear Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal talk about his most recent book "The land of the seven rivers". Mr. Sanyal is a leading Indian economist, environmentalist and urban theorist. He has worked in the field of financial markets since the mid-nineties and is widely regarded as one of Asia's leading economists. In addition he is a well-known environmentalist and an expert on the economics of cities, founder of the Sustainable Planet Institute,

, a member of the Steering Committee of "Urban Age" at the London School of Economics (LSE), and a Senior Fellow of the World Wildlife Fund. In addition, Sanjay is the co-founder and Director of GIST - a think-tank that is a pioneer in the field of environmental accounting, and, not least, a famous writer with the best seller "The Indian Renaissance: India's Rise after a Thousand Years of Decline", and other books, under his belt. Do listen to his take on the near and long-term future, based on his understanding of our genetic and historical past. '

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2014

Intro Gangalakshmi chroniqeuse

Une introduction sur la vie de notre chroniqueuse Gangalakshmi et son parcours à Auroville.
An introduction of our contributor Gangalakshmi's journey to Auroville.
Gangalakshmi presents over 80 recordings in French, of her reading titles from; Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and Satprem under the title 'Selections par Gangalakshmi' on Auroville Radio.

HH Chetsang Rinpoche Talk

On 10th of November at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsan Rinpoche blessed the pictorial exhibition on the Relations between India and Tibet through the Ages. Inaguration was followed by HH Chetsang Rinpoche talk on ecology awareness and environmental issues. HH Chetsang Rinpoche who is the 37th throne holder of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage and the 7th reincarnation of the Chetsang Rinpoche, a manifestation of Chenrezig(Avalokiteshvara) was talking on his personal experiences of the life near Dehra Dun in Uttarkhand.

Conference sur le Vedanta

Surya Tahora nous a presente une conférence captivante sur le védânta et les chemins de la liberté, ou comment apprehender la vision du UN absolu et universel. Surya n'est n Madagascar... Il rencontre en 1995 Swami Dayananda Saraswati, un enseignant contemporain de la non Dualit (Advaita Vedanta) dans la tradition du philosophe Indien Shankaracarya. Surya Tudie depuis cette date avec Swami Dayananda les principaux textes de la tradition philosophique Indienne dans leur langue dorigine, le sanskrit . Il est également titulaire d'un doctorat en Sciences pharmaceutiques et d'un MBA. Il a travaillé pour des grandes socits multinationales dans le domaine du marketing international et stratégique la fois Paris et Bangkok. .Il à participe de nombreux cours résidentiels de courte et longue dure conduits par Swamiji Coimbatore et Rishikesh, qui sont deux de ses centres dtudes et de retraite en Inde. Depuis 2007, Surya et Neema animent des séminaires et des retraites intensives, et donne des conférences publiques sur la non Dualit en Inde et en Europe, la fois en Anglais et en Français.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Sep 2013