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01 Jan / 2018Program by:
Featured: LorettaLanguage: English

Plans For Creating Auroville

Mother’s Reasons and Plans For Creating Auroville

Because this is the year of Auroville’s fiftieth birthday, the children of Transition School have a one-year project on Auroville. The teacher of a class of fourteen-year-old students asked Loretta to speak to them about Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s plans for creating Auroville. This talk is broadcast today, the first day of the year, to honor Auroville’s fiftieth Birthday. Mother and Sri Aurobindo started to speak about creating a new city back in the 1920’s. Over the years a total of four reasons and four plans came to Mother, which show the great universal work that Auroville is created to do. This talk gives the experiences that showed Mother these reasons and relates the things Mother said about why Auroville is so important for the world and the whole creation. It also has the story of an ancient Auroville which Mother was instrumental in making and an old Tamil legend which predicted the coming of Aurovilians and some of their work.


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