Photographer:Andrea | Perspectives from 'Integral Psychology' was the title of the lecture gave by Suneet Varma.
25 Feb / 2011Program by:

Psychological Aspect

In his talk about the need for change in contemporary psychology Dr. Suneet Varma exposed some important aspects. If psychology does not respond to the need of humanity in terms of fundamentally reconsidering its scope and purpose, it will become redundant for humanity that will grow and progress despite it. As Sri Aurobindo said “God shall grow up while the wise man talk and sleep.”He as a yogi not only saw the current psychological impasse of humanity suffering from essentially ego based consciousness, but also did his yoga to be able create conditions whereby a higher stage of consciousness in the form of the supramental becomes the basis of a new psychology and manifest itself not only in a select few but gradually and potentially becomes available humanity as a whole. Goal of the new agenda of psychology to explore the alchemy of the transmutation of the human into Divine. Integral psychology does opens out this new dimension of human development and progress.

Dr. Suneet Varma teaches Psychology at the University of Delhi and is devoted to the study of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Psychology’. He has been in residence in Auroville for research work.