Photographer:Tanja | Aryadeep with members of the Zeitgeist movement Photographer:Tanja | Aryadeep giving a talk about Auroville Photographer:Tanja | Aryadeep
27 Aug / 2011Program by:
Featured: AryadeepLanguage: English

Presentation for Zeitgeist

In this recording Aryadeep is sharing the philosophy of Auroville with visiting members of the Zeitgeist movement and they are explaining the structure and ideas of their movement. While Auroville attracted people from all over the world that were touched by the future vision of the Mother to create a township were people from all nations could live together in human unity, also the members of the Zeitgeist movement were inspired by a vision for a better human future. Their core idea is a money-free and cybernated “resource-based economy”.

Aryadeep lives in Aroville since 21 years. He is originally from Hyderabad and his work is to communicate the vision and work of Auroville. He writes articles and newsletters.