Photographer:Zoe | Lalit and Queens University students Photographer:Zoe | Growth Management Framework for Settlements in Auroville Green Belt Photographer:Zoe | Slide: (Photographer: Zoe)" rel="" /> Photographer:Zoe | Audience members Photographer:Zoe | Students and audience members at SAIIR Conference Hall Photographer:Zoe | Toine during Q&A
17 Dec / 2017Program by:

Presentation on Green Belt Development

12 students from Queens University, Canada, along with their professor presented “Growth Management Framework for Settlements in Auroville Green Belt”. The group was invited by Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute, and that kind of exchange happened for the fourth time.

This work offering, done in collaboration with many diverse stake holders in Auroville and around, is part of a learning exchange between Auroville and the post graduate planning students on a topic of critical importance to Auroville.

It was followed by a Q&A where important issues were addressed, helping to clarify any miscommunication and provide insight on how to further improve the situation.