Photographer:Marie Fouquet | Unnicycles short ride with Aurovillian kids Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | Dr Unni Karunakara after a great long ride with 200 cycling supporters Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | Supporters and Dr Karunakara All together YES WE CAN Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | Day 24 of the unnicycles marks the beginning of the second stage of the tour. Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | Cycling from Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi to Biodiversity Park Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | Day 24 keep yourself fit to continue the tour Photographer:Unnicycles_MSF | A great action for Human kind
22 Jan / 2014Program by:

Presentation Unnicycles for MSF

"Unnicycles" a cycle tour across India to support Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), with its (2010-2013) International President Dr. Unni Karunakara, was in Auroville last Wednesday. Starting from the Solar Kitchen and ending at Aurovelo, he took Aurovilian children for a ride. At Aurovelo, over delicious chocolate ice cream,’ Dr. Unni told the kids the story of his great humanitarian project. They were also asking him questions about his job as a humanitarian doctor around the world.

It gave a great awareness to the children who could understand how lucky they are to be able to see a doctor when needed. They understood that MSF is an association which helps people who cannot otherwise afford to be cured, those who suffer from wars, who do not have enough food or who do not have access to healthy water, as is actually the cause of many diseases. We wish that Doctor Unni Karunakara comes back to spread his message in Aurovilian schools, to Aurovillian doctors, Pondicherry University, high schools and all of us, to remind us how important this action is and maybe to inspire some to join the MSF team…?