Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Pushkar at the upright piano Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Pushkar plays piano
03 Dec / 2018Program by:

Pushkar Pleases Playing Solo Piano at Kalabhumi Goes Live November 2018

Pushkar Carlotto, an Aurovilian who teaches music, composition and piano performance,
graced our Kalabhumi Goes Live November 2018 Edition by opening with 3 playful pieces including 2 originals.

Pushkar’s playlist:

Pushkar – “Carnevale di Venezia” (2014)
(Theme and 5 variations)
Theme, Innocence
no.1 Wonder
no.2 Playfulness
no. 5 Turmoil
no.6 Introspection
no.7 Letting go

Astor Piazzolla – L’histoire du tango, “Café 1930” (1986)

Pushkar – “By the Sea” (2014)


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