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30 Jun / 2014Program by:

Quorum of the Community

After Residents’ Assembly Decision-Making Event on the selection process of the Auroville Council and Working Committee Saturday June 28 the RAS registered that we had quorum and the community decided yes for question 1(AVC), and no for question 2(WC). On 12-13 July, and on 19-20 July at Unity Pavilion in International Zone Marie Claire is offering training on Healing with Love- holoenergetics developed by Dr.Laskow. Recently opened Le Zephry at Visitor Centre is screening all the matches of World Cup. Om Namo Bhagavat on Sunday at 7pm at MM.

In the Divine, by the Divine all is transfigured and glorified; in the Divine is found the key of all mysteries and all powers.
The Mother