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15 Mar / 2012Program by:
Featured: Parvathy BaulLanguage: English

Radha Bhav by Parvathy Baul

Parvathy Baul, so well known to Auroville audience and always warmly welcome for who she is, what she quietly yet firmly stands for, this time organized the Tantidhatri Festival. Her own journey as a Baul singer has not been one lined with roses, but the call for it was stronger for her. In her play, her songs, her mesmerizing voice and passion and energy brought to life a universal story of love. Her paintings, as part of the performance, vividly depicted the characters of Rahda and Krishna and others.

Extract from the festival brochure: Parvathy Baul, who has been performing in India and abroad since 2000, is well known for her masterful solo rendering in the oldest style of Baul song and dance. These songs deal with universal love, the human body and the universe. Yesterday, Parvathy sang ‘Radha Bhav’ which tells the story of an unconditional love between Radha and Krishna. While she was performing, she used self-created paintings to visualize the story. It is impressive how Parvathy manages to sing, dance and play three instruments at the same time.

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