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Roots and Culture #2

Second part of Roots and Cutllure mix featuring few of known musicians of the genre, such as Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Culture, Gregroy Isaac, Linval Thompson, and others.
Roots as a subgenre of reggae deals with the everyday lives and aspirations of the artists concerned, including the spiritual side of Rastafari and the honoring Jah It also is identified with the life of the ghetto sufferer, and the rural poor. Lyrical themes include spirituality and religion, poverty, black pride, social issues, resistance to government and racial oppression, and repatriation to Africa.

Gregory Isaacs – Babylon Too Rough
Sylford Walker – Burn Babylon
Dennis Brown – Rasta Children
John Holt – Police in Helicopter
Barrington Levy – Black Roses
Don Carlos – Mr Sun
Culture – Why am I a Rastaman
Sylford Walker – Chant down Babylon
Don Carlos – Oh girl
Hollie Cook – Milk and Honey
Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse
Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen
Don Carlos – Young Girl
John Holt – Ghetto Queen
Tetrack – Only Jah Jah knows
Linval Thompson – Jah Jah man
Dennis Brown – Bubbling fountain
Don Carlos – Chant Down
Barrington Levy – Hypocrites
Dennis Brown – Natural Mystic
Linval Thompson – I Spy
Lizzard – Milk and Honey