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Sacred Equality

Talking about Anu’s book ‘The God Enchanter’ so recently published, as well as other recited excerpts, the question came up while at Bharat Nivas on humanity, hardly to be avoided. According to Sri Aurobindo, transition takes place when every man recognizes his sacred state. Tolerance for one another, deeper recognition of the other as equally sacred should take place in little shifts in our attitude individually. In search for human unity we still tend to look for an external mechanism, where growth in consciousness to take place.

Anuradha Majumdar came to Auroville thirty years ago inspired by the vision of Sir Aurobindo and the Mother. Her books include Refugees from Paradise, Parallel Journeys and The God Enchanter as well as Island of INfinity for young adults. She has published two books of poetry and her poems have featured in International Gallery.

from : Mobile Hour …
At the frontline /
the witness stands /
confronting his soul – /
The images speak /
of dream and destruction /
and the long destiny of the world //
We fluctuate – /
but this hour will not leave us /
till the wide current /
breaks open the stone wind /
and the pulse of earth /
flows out in freedom