Photographer:Alma | planting Sangam tree Photographer:Alma | Nathaswaram by children Photographer:Alma | Kavingar R. Meenakshi welcome,and reflect Photographer:Alma | Srinivasamurty, Aster Patel, Sri Moham Vergese Chunkath, Frederick Photographer:Alma | Shyamala and Sauro Photographer:Alma | Andre T. and Mary Babu Photographer:Alma | Thamibidurai from Auroville Archives explains exhibition
15 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: MeenakshiLanguage: Tamil

Sangamam Celebration (1)- Welcoming, Inauguration, and Early Days


Sunday, 4th of March – Football ground at Aurodam transformed into a joyful venue for Sangamam Celebration or Come Together festival.
Mroning started with welcoming of chief guests , festival inaugurated by Thavil, and the Lamp was Lighted by dignitaries.
Children sung Nathaswaram music, and we heard welcoming thoughts of Kavingar R. Meenakshi, Sri Moham Vergese Chunkath, Thiru, G. Varadharajan, Shyamala, Aster Patel, Andre T., Mary Babu, Sanjeev Agarwal, Frederick, Amuidha Sundara Vinayagam, and Sauro.
In all, there was a spirit of Sangamam – togetherness and collaboration , and great gratitude of Auroville for bio region support, and all the workers who work with the community since the beginning, and gratitude form the bio region for all that Auroville brings to their life. Special attention was given to the education, and the importance of its for the development of the whole area.
Festival was well organized, with many exhibition panels on education, and history, all in Tamil language; and on the other side there were stall with various crafts from the region.