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Celebration of working groups at Unity Pavilion, Monday 18th December

On Monday the 18th of December 2017, the Residents Assembly Service hosted a welcome meeting at Unity Pavilion for the new members of the four participatory working groups.
The Auroville Council, Working Committee, Funds and Assets Management Committee, and the newly formed L’avenir d’Auroville gathered to each give a presentation.
Some participants expressed gratitude towards their colleagues and described their working experience as part of a learning process.
The presentations given also functioned as feedback between colleagues, which helped to heal and improve relationships between individuals.
All participants maintained a positive outlook to embrace the future and its challenges.

Thanks to the generosity of Tanto, Well Cafe, Visitor Center Cafeteria and Naturellement for the dinner and dance that were held afterwards

A New Step For Auroville

Patrizia Saccá is a paralympic table tennis champion who overcame her disabilities by becoming a champion. She describes her visit to Auroville in Italian translated to English by her friend, Susmita. She is in awe of the Matrimandir and recalls her visit to the inner chamber with the help of Susmita, who is a pioneer of the Accessible Auroville project. She describes in vivid detail how the peaceful atmosphere made her feel, and the reason that she keeps going back to relive the experience. The interview is conducted outside the Matrimandir, the place that inspires Patrizia.
They also discuss the concept of human unity, which they feel goes beyond goes caste and color to include people with disabilities. Susmita and she remind us that we are, above all, human beings and we deserve to feel equally loved and respected. They shed light upon the importance of the issue of accessibility and are confident that a new step for the City That The Earth Needs is making Auroville fully accessible at all fronts. Patrizia also shares with us the secret behind her success and positivity in life.

Gli ascoltatori Italiani possono ascoltare l’intervista con Patrizia Saccá tradotta da Susmita in Ingese. Patrizia Saccá e’ un’atleta paraolimpica che sta visitando Auroville.

How Do We Human’s Communicate

Professor Sehdev Kumar presented the second lecture titled “How Do We Human’s Communicate” in a series of four called “The Human Journey Across the Ages, Ecology, Culture and The Self”. The presentation gave some very interesting observations regarding social structure, language, and the huge leap of humanities evolution in the last two hundred years.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Mar 2017

Integrality in all Sphere of Life

Divyanshi Chugh presents the first session of a seminar series at Savitri Bhavan, which will cover Integrality in all Spheres of Life. This weeks theme was Integral Philosophy based on the handouts by Matthys Cornellisen, Indian Psychology Institute, Pondicherry.

Mother's Q & A – 29/2/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers, February 29, 1956

On this date the first manifestation of the Supramental Light, Force and Consciousness manifested on earth. It occurred during the meditation which Mother held at the end of this class. Mother did not inform the ashramites about her experience for some time. The subject of this class is the unity of all consciousness and the sacrifice of the Divine. The Divine sacrifices Himself to become inconscient matter, and in inconscient matter the Divine sacrifices Himself to again become the full Divine Consciousness. We think we are sacrificing to the Divine but in reality it is the Divine consciousnes, already sacrificed in us who is making the sacrifice, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Peace Day Sound Meditation

Sound meditation played by Aurellio and Andreas from Svaram for the International Peace Day celebration at the Unity Pavillion on the 21st of September.

Why AV, IZ? War and Peace

As part of the regular discussions at CHIRU at Auroville Town Hall, Giacomo  has taken a lead in organizing a talk on ‘war and peace‘. This concept has to be much discussed and addressed in the present global era. Leo Tolstoy has written a piece on ‘war and peace’ which is very relevant in the present situation and people should learn living in peace than in war.

Giacomo  has stated that ‘peace means unity and there can be no peace without partnership and harmony.

Andrea has discussed on various wars that took place in history mainly during the 14th to 19th century. He said that Wars have been a part of human life since history and the usage of atomic bombs during the second world war have shaped the world into a nuclear driven nation-states and threaten a happy society.

Ego, Arrogance, Supremacy and Conflict between two main super powers have disturbed the innocent societies of the world. The speakers at the discussion have also discussed on the number of atomic bombs exploded during 1945-1998, it was 2053 and USA tops the list with a nuclear explosion of 1032 times. The main reason for these explosions was not to wage a real war but to create ‘deterrence’ and showcase the strength of their military to their opponents and the weaker nations.

Finally, Aryamani concluded the discussion by saying that Auroville and the International Zone of the Auroville can take a pioneer role in promoting the Unity and Peace among individuals and nations.

“We don’t realize wars when we live in peace”

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Aug 2016

All for All-How to Work Together

Unusal post in News and Notes leaded us to an interesting interview with Josh, who currently volunteers at outreach school and researches ways and possibilities of how the community could collaborate better. His long time passion of trying to support the projects which could work together, collaborate better has leaded him to Auroville, where he has found bigger complexity of ways and relationships that he anticipated.
We All are invited to fresh fruit putlock – meeting to start to talk about All the topics…. on Friday 9th of July at 3pm at Town Hall first floor meeting room of Avcouncil.

Collective Aspiration for Peace

Peace Bell has arrived just on time, and on 15th of August we had a chance to hear it for the first time. Amongst others Vera invites us to welcome the Peace Bell on Friday 4th of Septemeber at 5.15pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone. Through playing on bells many have found the experience of collective harmony, sense of contributing in something beautiful. With inner silence, to which bells could bring you to, the perception of the world changes. Many people of good will have participated towards Peace Bell manifestation in Auroville.

From the web:

Alexander Zhikharev was born in 1951 in the village Khoroshevo, which is now the Moscow region Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. after he got out of the army, he started working at the factory VILS [All-Union Institute of Light Alloys] & there poured his first bell. down the road, Alexander served as a bell ringer in the Kremlin & the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, researching many years to realize a way to replicate the bells dreamy resonances. In 1988, he found a form that is comparable in sound to the traditional bells and decided to call it ‘Hammer Icon’ or bila. They were flat, bronze & brass plaques, varying in size & weight, which emitted a surprisingly beautiful tone, quite unlike anything that sounds.

Christmas Celebration at Pavilion

On Christmas eve, 2014; a bunch of rosy eyed children and their still a child at heart parents stepped in at the Unity Pavilion to celebrate the festival of Christmas with friends and strangers and foes and flora, and embraced the mellow evening in all its festive spirit.
Aurovilians, Volunteers and enthusiastic guests sat around the round tables, with the median age ranging from 3 years to 60; as they cut shiny maroon and cobalt and aubergine and golden sheets of paper in the form of snowflakes. These snowflakes were then perched gently onto the transparent wall of glass, so that all the passersby could see them from outside as though they were actual flakes of snow, poised in mid air; pausing their act of snowing and reveling in the charm of the christmas season. The wall was looked as enchantingly colourful as the other segments of the Unity Pavilion, symbolizing the harmony and merger of all the different colours of the rainbow spectrum, as they amalgamate and merge into a soulful, pure, calm and divine white. Such was the spirit among the people there as they shared hot ginger punch, popcorn, chocolate cookies, bell pepper toast, and endless cups of love. Kids and adults alike, hopping around the christmas tree; decorating it with paper ornaments, and whispering secret wishes in Santa’s ears.
The atmosphere was soothed by the soulful voices of the choir comprising of a few volunteers and the amazing people taking care of the Unity Pavilion, who made this beautiful get together possible. With christmas carols being sung in French, English, German; and a special spin-off on a carol for the Matrimandir in French by a lovely family; the entire crowd was in a Christmas trance.
Trumpets, harmonium, piano and the guitar; and the melodious voices of the ladies; everyone there couldn’t help singing along. This program records the experiences of Duka, Shakti, Abha; oh yes, Santa; and kids Aditi and Aruna; who were among the many breathing the air full of christmas amore.
And special carols to be heard as well! So stay tuned!

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Dec 2014