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25 Jan / 2018Program by:
Featured: Vera JoshiLanguage: English

Russian Singing Bells

On the 22nd January 2018 at Cripa there was an interactive musical program, with the Russian Bells, to discover the potential of collective harmony with the help of these unique bells. The program started with a short meditative performance by Vera Joshi, at that time all participants could lie down in Shavasana to fully relax into the healing vibrations and harmonies. The second part was where some of the participants would take a bell each and
sit in a circle and play …… the spontaneous happening of this was so beautiful ! Others could sit inside the circle and enjoy the 360 degree symphony. Then lastly the bell players started to freely walk around the room, this added another dimension to the soundscape.
You can visit the Russian bells website at to learn more about this amazing project.