Photographer:Akshay | Renu Neogy, as she captivates audiences through her story, 'The Little Wave' Photographer:Akshay | A young girl being taught how to make an origami dove Photographer:Akshay | The origami skills of the children on display, for all to see Photographer:Akshay | Two young children drawing on the floor as part of an activity Photographer:Akshay | Children and adults alike, eagerly awaiting story-time Photographer:Akshay | Aurovillians making wishes on the wish tree for peace

Storytelling at the Unity Pavillion on International Peace Day

On 21st September, 2018, Noel Parent held audiences (that consisted of children and adults alike) captive in the trance he created with his words. He shared two wonderful stories called Julia’s Smile and The Legend of the Flute Player, which book-ended a fantastic story by Renu Neogy called The Little Wave.

The children in attendance were completely enchanted and did not hesitate to provide positive feedback, in addition to participating at every turn. The stories were based on true experiences and delivered a deeper meaning that was easily understood by the diverse audience.